Brownfields Inspections

Identify and Remove Hazardous Substances from Your Brownfield Site

A brownfield is a commercial or industrial property that is currently vacant, abandoned or underutilized, and where there is confirmed or suspected contamination. Left alone, a brownfield may be seen as an eyesore or waste of space. But with the right approach, brownfields are great opportunities for redevelopment.

Large brownfield sites can include abandoned factories or commercial businesses in an industrial district. Smaller brownfield sites include former dry cleaning businesses and gas stations. Petroleum products, dry cleaning solvents, heavy metals, and asbestos are some of the most common contaminants on these properties.

Special funding for brownfield projects

Many organizations offer grants and other financial options to help with the investigation and cleanup phases of brownfield projects. Phoenix Environmental provides complimentary assistance with finding financial options for our clients.


Reduced liability through the Ohio VAP

To encourage developers to clean up brownfield sites, the State of Ohio created the Voluntary Action Program (VAP). The program guarantees reduced liability to developers when they meet specific environmental cleanup standards.

When cleanup requirements are met, a Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) is issued for the property. This protects the current property owner or operator, as well as future owners, from liability. As long as the property continues to be used and maintained the same way as when the CNS was issued, the State of Ohio will not hold you liable for additional investigation or cleanup.

In Ohio, Phoenix personnel have assisted clients with numerous aspects of the Ohio VAP activities, including:

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