Transferring real estate carries environmental risks, before you buy, sell, build or demo let one of our environmental professionals provide an assessment

Phase I ESAs

We'll Identify Any Existing Or Potential Environmental That Can Affect Your Real Estate Property.

Phase II ESAs

If Your Phase I ESA Shows Signs Of Contamination We'll Take Samples to Determine If Hazardous Chemicals Are Above The State/Federal Acceptable Standards.


We'll Handle The Clean Up Of Hazardous Chemical Impacts Without Breaking The Bank.

Underground Storage Tank Services

These Tanks Are One Of The Highest Reasons For Contamination On a Site. We Have Extensive Experience Handling These Issues.

Environmental Inspections

Phoenix Environmental provides inspections for a variety of building concerns (asbestos, mold, radon, PCBs, lead-paint) commonly encountered in both commercial and industrial buildings.

Brownfields Assessments

Before Expanding/Redeveloping An Old Brownfields Let Our Experts Ensure It Is Clear Of Environmental Risks.

Grant Assistance

Let Phoenix Environmental Help You To Secure The Grant Funds For Your Project.

Is Your Investment Worth the Environmental Risk?

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