Underground Storage Tanks

Expert Solutions for Underground Storage Tank Contamination

Underground storage tanks (USTs) are a common source of property contamination.  In the United States, more than half of the documented cases of soil and groundwater contamination have been associated with a release from a UST system.  Releases from USTs occur due to faulty installation, corrosion and accidental overfills. The longer a tank system is present, the greater the likelihood that a release has or will occur. When a UST system fails, contaminants can leak into the soil and groundwater.  The average cost to cleanup at gas station site is over $100,000.  Be aware though that if you own a UST you have required “Petro Fund” insurance.

This is a serious environmental issue that must be addressed when buying or selling real estate.  Phoenix Environmental’s team of professionals have the expertise to take even the most complex situations to a satisfactory conclusion.

Legal Compliance with BUSTR

In the state of Ohio, USTs must be managed according to laws set out in the Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR). The regulations govern how environmental assessments are performed, as well as how sites are remediated. Phoenix Environmental has extensive experience in ensuring properties meet these legal requirements. Even on complicated sites, we can successfully bring your site to no further action (NFA) status and prevent any unnecessary liability.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Services

Phoenix Environmental offers the following services to remediate your site and comply with BUSTR rules:

UST Project Management

When you choose Phoenix Environmental, you get a complete service by experts you can count on. We assist our clients with every aspect of their tank removal projects, including managing contractor activities, follow-up assessments and regulatory agency interaction. In many cases, we can even help you find funding for your project.

Fund Assistance

Initiatives that clean up underground storage systems are often eligible for reimbursement by individual state compensation boards. We understand the requirements for reimbursement and can help you get the maximum return. Additionally, grants and loans for investigation or cleanup may be available.  In most cases, we can locate funding at no additional cost for our clients.

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When you get a No Further Action (NFA) letter your tank site is done.  Here are some of ours.