Phase II ESAs

Find out if your land is contaminated with a Phase II ESA

Long-term pollutants can come from a variety of sources, especially when the property has been used for environmentally risky activities. This contamination can devalue your land and open you up to significant liability costs. Manage your risk by investigating before you make your next property purchase.

Determining if You Need a Phase II ESA

In many cases, a Phase II ESA is recommended when a Phase I ESA finds evidence that contamination is likely. A Phase II ESA may also be requested immediately based on the property’s history or current uses.

Common reasons for conducting a Phase II ESA include leaking underground storage tanks, chemical spills, poor facility housekeeping, and commercial or industrial property uses. Properties that housed gas stations, dry cleaners, automotive and machine shops, and industrial manufacturing businesses commonly require a Phase II ESA.

If you’re unsure about whether your property needs an environmental site assessment, our team can help. Contact us [hyperlink] to get the expert advice you deserve.

Efficient Phase II Testing Process

We use state-of-the-art technology and precise science to identify and monitor environmental contaminants on your property. Our environmental consultants and scientists have more than 20 years of experience with environmental investigation. With Phoenix Environmental, you can expect efficient, accurate results and actionable solutions.

In Phase II, we investigate specific areas of concern to determine the presence, type, and extent of environmental contamination. Activities may include testing the soil, water, and other features of the property – both at the surface and below ground. We recommend only the tests you need, so you get high accuracy and efficiency.

Some of the Phase II tests may include:

When an environmental contaminate is identified, we provide multiple cost-effective recommendations to address the issue and bring the site to closure.

Protecting Your Investment

When it comes to environmental issues on a real estate property, don’t take your chances. Our environmental professionals use cutting-edge investigative techniques to provide the information you need to determine your risk. Your ESA report will include a record of our investigation and findings, and multiple cost-effective solutions.

Let us help you make the most of your investment. Contact Phoenix Environmental to find out if a Phase II ESA is right for you.

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