Cleaning Up Hazardous Chemical Impacts

Remediation Technologies must be consistent with state/federal regulations, meet the project objectives & most importantly, be economically feasible.

Phoenix provides a full range of site investigation and remediation services to help manage property liabilities, achieve cleanup standards, and facilitate reuse and redevelopment plans. Our consultants, geologists, and scientists have provided due diligence, site characterization, assessments, feasibility studies, remedial design, and long-term monitoring at a variety of sites ranging from federal Superfund Sites with multi-media treatment systems to urban brownfield sites and small petroleum remediation sites.

Phoenix’ staff are experienced with numerous remediation design strategies including, but not limited to, excavation and off-site treatment/disposal, chemical injection, slurry wall construction, hydraulic control, soil vapor extraction, air-sparging, thermal oxidation, bio-venting, phytoremediation, bio-remediation and contaminate solidification.

Remedial technologies must be consistent with State and Federal regulations, meet the project objectives and, most importantly, be economically feasible. If your site is not achieving closure in a timely or cost-effective manner, we would be happy to discuss how Phoenix can help.

Environmental Remediation Consultants Ohio
Environmental Remediation Consulting Ohio

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Is Your Investment Worth the Environmental Risk?

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