Phoenix Environmental to Assist City of Marion With Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund Project

On April 2, 2015 Phoenix Environmental was chosen to assist the City of Marion with a Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund project.

Phoenix Environmental, LLC a Delaware consulting firm known for assisting lenders, investors, contractors and developers with their environmental needs, has been chosen by Clarksco Properties, LLC and the City of Marion as their environmental consultant to help with the remediation of the Former Fairfield Engineering property in Marion.

In 2013, Clarksco and the City of Marion were awarded an approximately $340,000 Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund (CORF) grant. CORF grants provide assistance to communities across the state for the purpose of redeveloping brownfield sites.

Activities to be completed under the CORF grant include: asbestos abatement, building demolition, soil remediation, and the removal of former underground storage tanks. Using the CORF grant and private funds, Clarksco will implement much needed infrastructure improvements. These updates will enhance the functionality of the building and improve access and security of the outlying areas.

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