Twinsburg police, fire department property decontaminated

Twinsburg police, fire department property decontaminated

The land around the Twinsburg police and fire departments has gone through a decontamination process to remove petroleum compounds.

The Twinsburg Police and Fire Department property is the former site of a gas station used to fill up the city’s vehicles. For more than two decades, the city has been wrestling with a leaking tank issue that has been contaminating local groundwater.

Phoenix Environmental, in Delaware, Ohio, removed the underground fuel tanks in 2016, but petroleum compounds are still above acceptable levels in the groundwater, according to information provided by the company.

Phoenix Environmental started the full-scale groundwater remediation efforts to decontaminate the site on Nov. 11. According to Jeff Paetz, owner of Phoenix Environmental, the work was expected to take two or three days. It involved drilling and injecting thousands of gallons of treatment chemicals consisting of NutriSulfate, sodium chloride, surfactants and potable water.

“The estimated cost is $26,000 for the remedial action plan assuming we have to do quarterly groundwater sampling for one year,” Paetz said earlier this month.

After completing the cleanup, Phoenix Environmental will provide a report to the State of Ohio requesting this legacy site be granted ‘No Further Action’ status, Paetz said.

By April Helms Reporter