Phase I Environmental Site Assessment &

Hazardous Materials Survey

Springfield, OH 2014


In 2014, the City of Springfield ordered this former printing building to be demolished.  The property, which comprised 917,000 square feet of building space, covered an entire city block.  Industrial printing activities were conducted onsite for over 60 years.  In 1937, this facility was the largest magazine printing facility in the world.   At that time, its 122 presses printed approximately 22 billion pages, consumed 160 million pounds of paper and drank 3.5 million pounds of ink per year.


Phoenix Environmental, LLC (Phoenix) was retained to conduct an ASTM E1527-13 compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and a hazardous material building survey of this property.  The purpose of this assessment and survey was to be able to apply for a $500,000 asbestos abatement grant and potential grant/loan funds for assessment and remediation.


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment


At the conclusion of our evaluations, Phoenix identified several on-site and off-site recognized environmental conditions (RECs) that had the potential to impact the property.  These RECs included:

  • The historic industrial use of onsite printing activities from 1879 to 1958 due to the historic use of inks, solvents, lead and other chemicals of concern.
  • A former gas station on the northwestern portion of the site from 1919 to 1927 due to the historic use of petroleum products and a lack of information regarding removal of the underground storage tanks (USTs).
  • Historic chemical storage by the former owner due to the quantities and types of materials (i.e., acids, drums of solvent-based paint, pesticide materials, batteries, PCBs, etc.).
  • Staining on the floor beneath several onsite transformers from potential PCB oils.
  • Several former dry cleaners and gas stations on the adjoining properties due to the potential for contamination from solvents and petroleum products.
  • Additionally, Phoenix provided information regarding hazardous materials present at the site requiring recycling or disposal.


Phoenix Environmental assisted the client with pursuing grant funding; however, changes in ODSA requirements and the uncertainty regarding the redevelopment, the site was ineligible for grant funds.  Several buildings have been demolished but the site remains to be redeveloped.