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Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment
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Phoenix Environmental was retained to conduct a “short fuse” portfolio project consisting of multiple Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and six Phase 2 ESAs of oil change facilities. The sites were complicated by the use of a variety of petroleum products, solvents, and numerous aboveground and underground storage tanks.

Additionally, the sites which were undergoing foreclosure required strict confidentiality by Phoenix personnel throughout the project.


Phoenix personnel conducted the Phase 1 ESA and identified numerous Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) on a portion of the Phase 1 ESA sites. The purpose of the Phase 2 ESA was to determine if impacts were present, evaluate the extent of contamination, determine relevant receptors, contaminant pathways, and applicable clean-up requirements. Our services included Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys, installing soil borings and temporary monitoring wells, and collecting soil and groundwater samples.


Of the sites investigated, only two indicated significant concerns to the client. The results of the Phase 2 ESAs were used to assess liability and costs associated with clean-up of contamination. The assessments were completed within the proposed budget and ahead of schedule.