Bulk Petroleum Storage Facility

Bulk Petroleum Storage Facility

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and Soil Excavation

Columbus, Ohio


The owner of this property was looking to sell to an interested buyer. The buyer’s lender contacted Phoenix Environmental to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) as part of the buyer’s due diligence in purchasing the site. The Phase I ESA identified potential environmental concerns related to the housekeeping of the bulk petroleum storage areas and the placement of undocumented fill materials at the property. Phoenix’s Phase II ESA involved the installation of ten (10) soil borings across the property in order to collect and submit soil and groundwater samples to evaluate these concerns. Soil samples from two (2) of these borings showed impacts by petroleum exceeding regulatory standards; thereby constituting a potential liability for the future owner.


Phoenix engaged a subcontractor to excavate soil within the areas of petroleum impacts.

Approximately 17 cubic yards of impacted soil was removed from the property for disposal at a soil recycling facility. Confirmation soil samples were collected within the excavations to ensure adequate removal of the impacted soils.


The confirmation sample results showed no residual impacts by petroleum at the property. The environmental due diligence process was completed quickly (within 1 ½ months) and within the budget of the small business owner looking to purchase the property.