$340,000 Clean Ohio Grant Project

Former Fairfield Engineering Property

$340,000 Clean Ohio Grant Project

Marion, Ohio


Clarksco Properties, LLC (Clarksco) and the City of Marion were awarded an approximately $340,000 Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund (CORF) grant in 2013. In May of 2015, Phoenix Environmental was chosen by Clarksco and the City of Marion as their environmental consultant to help with implementation of the CORF activities at the Former Fairfield Engineering property in Marion, Ohio.


Phoenix Environmental was selected based on their extensive prior experience with the site.  Mr. Jeffrey Paetz, President of Phoenix, was the Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP) Certified Professional overseeing this property during the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund (COAF) investigation activities conducted prior to 2013.   Mr. Paetz’ activities under the $285,000 COAF grant included the completion of a VAP Property Assessment Phase I and Phase II.  The Phase I identified a total of twelve Identified Areas on and off property that were an environmental concern to the site.  The Phase II investigation included the installation of over 100 soil borings, 10 soil gas points, 25 shallow groundwater wells and one bedrock well.  Analytical results indicated no significant issues with soil gas or groundwater but soils were impacted above Ohio VAP generic standards for arsenic, benzo-a-pyrene, chromium and lead.   At the completion of the investigation activities, Mr. Paetz assisted both parties with pursuing a CORF grant. Activities completed under the CORF grant included the installation of additional borings for contaminate delineation, verification of successful asbestos abatement, oversight of building demolition, a property specific risk assessment and development of an asbestos operation and maintenance plan.  Additionally, Phoenix assisted Clarksco and the City of Marion with development of Plans and Specifications for the remediation contractor through their engineering sub-consultant.


Remedial activities included removing some areas of contaminated soil and placing a soil cap over other areas to prevent contact with contaminated soil. Additionally, existing building foundations will act as physical barriers to prevent contact with contaminated soils.

On October 16, 2017, the former Fairfield Engineering Property was granted No Further Action (NFA) and a Covenant-Not-to-Sue (CNS) status by the Ohio EPA.  A CNS protects the property owner or operator and future owners from being legally responsible to the State of Ohio for further environmental investigation and remediation relating to known releases.